West U. Looking For Volunteers For Boards, Commissions – Women Encouraged To Apply

July 15, 2009

The City of West U. has issued a press release requesting volunteers for the city’s boards and commissions – a subject that was discussed by council at Monday night’s special meeting. Councilman George Boehme suggested that the city should be more proactive in recruiting women for the boards, especially the three that are state mandated, on which only one woman currently serves.


For a list of boards and commission and those who currently serve on them, click here.


“We have three statutory boards that are required by state law,” said Boehme. “Of those three boards, we have one female, and I think we need to do a netter job. I never thought I was going to get an award from NOW (National Organization for Women), but I have to tell you I think we have to do a better job. We need to recruit people, we need to be more assertive. I don’t want to belittle people who have served over and over, because I think it’s great, but we need some new blood.”


“I think the citizens have been very well represented,” said Councilman Bob Fry. “I am happy with the work they have done.”


Councilman Chuck Guffey said he believes fewer women might volunteer to serve because of the time commitment and having children at home to take care of.


Councilman Steven Segal said the issue is not one of discrimination, but of a lack of female applicants.


“I think you will find if more women apply, more women will be appointed,” said Segal. Boehme responded that he thinks that as far back as ten years ago there was more diversity on the boards.


“If anyone can think of any techniques to encourage more women to apply, I think we are all for that,” said Mayor Bob Kelly. “Several of is tried to get women to run for city council, but none of us were successful.”


The deadline to submit an application to be considered for an interview is Aug. 3.  Interested persons will be contacted to for an interview with City Council shortly after the deadline and appointments will be made at the last City Council meeting in August or the first meeting in September. 


For more information or to obtain an application, contact City Secretary Thelma Lenz at 713-662-5813 or visit the city’s Web site to download an application at http://www.westu.org..

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