West U Leases Part of Recycle Center Property

September 23, 2014

The West University Place City Council on Monday unanimously approved leasing a portion of the city’s old Recycling Center to the construction company working on the Upper Kirby District’s reconstruction of Bissonnet Road.
The city will lease about 10,000 square feet of the property, at 5004 Dincans, to Harper Brothers Construction as a “project yard” during their work on the project. The company will pay the city $1,700 per month for six months. The city is requiring first and last month’s rent due at signing and an additional $2,500 refundable damage deposit.
The company’s use of part of the site will not affect the city’s current operations at the old recycling center, according to Assistant City Manager Chris Peifer.
Currently, the city parks its trash trucks on the site overnight, and uses the site as a temporary holding area for street sweeping debris.
The contractor is responsible for installing a temporary fence between their area and the city’s side and for returning the site back to its original condition, to include any environmental impact that might occur.
Construction work on the Upper Kirby District’s beautification of Bissonnet is scheduled to start very soon, Peifer said.
The district’s project — from Kirby to Buffalo Speedway — will include a pedestrian-oriented streetscape and landscaping plan that will be maintained by the Upper Kirby Management District. The project includes relocation of the overhead utilities in the area.
Work is expected to begin soon on the construction of “parallel ducts” along the north side of Bissonnet, one for telecommunications and one for electrical service.These ducts will eventually house the overhead lines currently running down Bissonnet and will be followed shortly after by water, sanitary and storm improvements and new concrete pavement.
The roadway is not being widened and the existing esplanade is being maintained.
The Upper Kirby District project was bid in August, and was awarded to Harper Brothers Construction. The work is estimated to take four to five months to complete, weather permitting.