West U Homeowner Sued by Strip Club

October 11, 2013

A West University Place homeowner has been sued by a Houston strip club for more than $300,000.

James Jay Beckman, listed by the Harris County Appraisal District as the owner of a house on Albans valued at $882,985, is a co-defendant in the lawsuit along with his employer, CIT Group, Inc.

The lawsuit was filed by Houston KP, L.L.C., owners of the strip club “Privilege” located in Southwest Houston. The lawsuit alleges that between July 4th, 2013, and through the month of August, Beckman frequented the club “13-14” occasions, spending approximately $25,000 each time. Beckman allegedly used CIT Group’s American Express card to pay the bills.

In total, the club says Beckman spent $321,857.72 within that time frame. The lawsuit says that on or around Aug. 15, Beckman contacted American Express and said he did not authorize the charges, which were then reversed.

“In accordance with its standard policy, AMEX retained the money and refunded the charges to defendants’ AMEX account,” it says in the lawsuit. “In other words, AMEX took all the money the defendants spent at the club and returned it to them leaving the club out hundreds of thousands of dollars, causing the club to lose its privileges with AMEX, and causing AMEX to withhold additional monies from the club to cover defendants’ charges.”

The owners of the club also allege that about a year earlier, Beckman spent “substantial sums” at the club and again reversed the charges.

The lawsuit is asking for the full  $321,857.72, along with recovering “lost profits because the club lost its privilege to accept AMEX and lost substantial business as a result.”

Also included are exemplary damages, attorney fees, court costs and interest.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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