West U Gets Top Insurance Rating

February 10, 2015

West University Place Firefighters, Public Works employees and emergency dispatchers were honored at the West U City Council meeting Monday night, by the State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Insurance Service Office.

The city of West U has achieved a Class 1 Fire Protection Rating, joining only 26 other Texas cities with the “exemplary” rank, said Jesse Williams, deputy State Fire Marshal.

“We are proud to award the Class 1 exemplary rating. You should all be proud of all you’ve done to achieve this,” Williams said.

Through the Public Protection Classification, ISO evaluates municipal fire-protection efforts in 48,000 communities throughout the United States. A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fire losses. . The evaluation measures not only the fire department, but also public works and emergency dispatchers’ response.

So insurance companies use PPC information to help establish fair premiums for fire insurance — generally offering lower premiums in communities with better protection

Philip Bradley, of the ISO, said, “Everybody in this community should be very proud of this classification. It is already in place. We provide our classifications to the insurance industry. They, in turn, offer lower insurance rates.”

West U Mayor Bob Fry said the city’s top rating could save “big bucks” for West U homeowners.

Fry and City Manager Michael Ross acknowledged the hard work by firefighters and other West U employees who worked to achieve the top rating.

Fry and Ross also congratulated West U Parks Department Director Tim O’Connor and Aquatics Supervisor Brittany Bakes for receiving top awards from state parks and recreation organizations.

Bakes received the 2014 President’s Award from the Texas Public Pool Council at a recent conference.

O’Connor was named “Director of the Year” by the Texas Recreation and Parks Society.