West U Fire Department Presented With Equipment Grant

November 16, 2011

The West U Fire Department was presented with a grant package this morning for new nozzles and helmet lights.

The nozzles purchased with the $6,423 grant are designed to oscillate in one place and operate unmanned, which frees up firefighters to do other things on the scene of an emergency. The nozzles can be used in situations where it is too dangerous for fire crews to remain close, like during hazardous-material incidents, excessively hot fires or tank cooling operations.

The new helmet lights aid a firefighter’s vision in smoky buildings and also on-scene of emergencies so they may quickly locate victims.

HUB International, along with executives from Greenwood Properties presented the West U Fire Department with the grant package.

“We appreciate what y’all have done for us,” Assistant Fire Chief Aaron Taylor said.

The grant is part of a nationwide philanthropic program funded by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. The program is designed to provide needed equipment, training and educational tools to local fire department and burn prevention organizations.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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