West U Fencers Medal At Summer National Championship

August 16, 2010

West U resident Nicolas Wilson, 11, recently won a gold medal in the Y-10 men’s epee at the United States summer national championships in Atlanta.

At the end of the school year, Nicolas’ twin brother Sean was ranked ahead of him. At the end of the season, Nicolas finished first, with Sean coming in second.

The national rankings are drawn from six scores – Y-10 and Y-12 North American Cup scores, Y-10 and Y-12 summer national scores, and the one best Y-10 and one best Y-12 score from the Super Youth Circuit national tournament season held during the school year.

Nicolas won the gold medal in epee the summer nationals on July 8.  Sean won the bronze medal in foil at the summer nationals on July 4.  Sean won the gold medal in epee at North American cup on April 23. Nicolas took the bronze.

Both the North American Cup and the summer nationals are, at the youth level, open to international fencers and international competitors to attend.

The rankings don’t list all nationally competitive fencers, only those who finish in the top 40 percent and above 32 in specific national forums.

To view the Y-10 epee rankings click here.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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