West U. Elementary To Use Biodegradable Lunch Trays

June 27, 2008

West U. Elementary will have new, biodegradable lunch trays this August, along with all other Houston Independent School District elementary schools. The new lunch trays were approved by the HISD board yesterday.

The environmental issue of the current Styrofoam trays was researched by the district after a Lovett Elementary student spoke to the board about the problems with thousands of trays being thrown away each year.

After 10-year-old Austin Fendley did a science project on the trays, he decided to take his case to the school board. HISD also worked with other students on the ideas.

According to HISD officials, the new trays biodegrade in a few months, compared to the few hundred years for the current trays.

Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra had samples of the new trays passed around the conference table for board members to see at their agenda review meeting.

“We’re so excited. I’m sure the kids will be quite pleased,” Board Member Carol Galloway said. Board President Harvin Moore had pushed for consideration of switching away from the old style Styrofoam trays for some time.

It will cost the district’s food service budget $160,000 or so for the switch in elementary schools, and about $300,000 when the switch is made at all schools.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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