West U. Elementary, Pershing Middle School Still Without Power

September 19, 2008

West U. Elementary, Pershing Middle School, Lanier Middle School and Bellaire High School are still without power following Hurricane Ike. According to Houston Independent School District representatives, the schools are ready to reopen pending a check of the air conditioning and other mechanicals once power is restored.

Lamar High School has power and is ready to reopen. HISD will have an update later this afternoon on the status of each school. HISD has been closed since Sept. 12, and could remain closed through Monday. The district at this point has 106 schools with power, 170 schools that are ready to reopen once power is restored and 17 schools that are not ready. The district estimates these schools should be ready by this weekend.

All HISD school buses were parked on high ground in a tight formation before Hurricane Ike hit, with the older buses on the outside of the formation. Out of the 1,000 buses, there was no damage.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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