West U. Educators Receive Nearly $892,000 In Bonuses

January 27, 2010

The educators who teach and mentor the children of West University Place will receive nearly $892,000 in bonuses today because their students have shown vast academic growth from year to year.

West University Elementary will receive the second highest amount of any Houston elementary school, and two 4th grade teachers were awarded over $10,000 each for their high performance.

Across the Houston Independent School District, 15,688 teachers, principals and staff received performance pay totaling $40.4 million for helping children improve in the classroom. This exceeds last year’s payout by approximately $8.8 million, according to an HISD statement.

Educators at West University Elementary received the second highest bonus amount among Houston-area elementary schools.

Educators at West University Elementary received the second highest bonus amount among Houston-area elementary schools.

The amounts going to West U. schools are as follows:

  • West University Elementary – $368,815 (2nd highest for elementary schools)
  • Pershing Middle School – $265,088 (12th highest for middle schools)
  • Lamar High School – $258,085 (10th highest for high schools)

Among principals who received some award, amounts ranged from $240 to $15,530 with an average award of $6,124. The largest bonus paid to any one teacher is $10,890 with an average award of $3,606.

Two teachers at West U. Elementary received top bonuses:

  • Michele Hayes, former 4th grade teacher, $10,050
  • Kathy Daugherty, 4th grade teacher, $10,050

“These bonuses are a testament to the high quality staff we have on our campuses,” said Superintendent Terry Grier in the statement. “The students are winners as well because our data shows they are making notable academic gains from year to year.”

The performance pay program is part of ASPIRE (Accelerating Student Progress Increasing Results & Expectations), HISD’s school improvement strategy. The program measures teacher and school impact on student academic progress from year to year using both achievement data and value added analysis.

The ASPIRE awards program model divides growth into four groups known as quartiles. There was significant growth in all the quartiles for the 2008-2009 school year. Of the 270 HISD campuses with value added scores, 224 (83 percent) had statistically significant growth across all grades and subjects.

HISD launched the teacher performance pay program in January 2007 as a way of identifying and rewarding teachers for strong academic growth by children and as a tool for recruiting and retaining the best teachers. Since 2007, HISD has awarded over $113 million in teacher performance pay.

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