West U Crime Roundup: Theft, found property, and drug violations

June 2, 2016

From May 13 to to May 26 the crimes that ran rampant in West University were theft, drug violations and surprisingly, found property. The data comes from two weeks worth of crime reports.

In that nearly two week span, seven thefts were reported.

The first theft was reported on May 13. A victim visited the West U Police Department lobby to report a wallet was stolen from her purse while she was teaching a swim lesson. A report was generated.

A second victim on May 13 went to the city’s police department lobby to report that a missing iPad. The reportee stated that on May 6 she attended a meeting at the Community Center and hasn’t since her iPad since.

On May 17, an officer observed a subject with a backpack walking with a bicycle in the roadway where sidewalks were provided, northbound in the 6500 block of Annapolis. Upon further investigation, the subject was arrested for the offense of burglary of a motor vehicle that had occurred in the 2600 block of Talbot. It was discovered that the suspect had outstanding warrants with the Houston Police Department.

Two days later, multiple units were dispatched to a robbery in progress in the 4100 block of Bellaire. It was reported that the suspect had left on foot and possibly got into a light colored vehicle which fled the scene at a high rate of speed. It was last seen travelling westbound in the 4100 block of Bellaire. The vehicle was not located and the scene was processed.

A vehicle was reported stolen on May 19 in the 5600 block of Kirby. A report was subsequently reported.

On May 21, an officer was dispatched to the 2600 block of Werlein in regards to a burglary of a building that had already occurred. The officer arrived and met with the complainant who advised that an unknown person entered his unsecured garage sometime between 4:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. on May 17. The complainant advised that his personal belongings were taken from the garage. A report was generated.

On May 26 an officer was flagged down by a resident in the 4200 block of Judson who stated that she heard noises coming from inside a house under construction. The interior of the house was checked and a suspect was found hiding in the attic and in the process of stealing copper pipe. Another construction site across the street was checked and found to have a large bag of fresh cut copper pipe on the patio. The suspect was arrested and charged with two counts of burglary of building.

Six reports of found property were reported in the two week span and the first was on May 13. A reportee dropped of a bike he had found while jogging. The reportee stated finding the bike at the intersection of 3600 block of University and Mercer. The bike was tagged and stored at the station for safekeeping.

On May 17, a resident that resided in the 3300 block of Albans went to the city’s police station to turn in four firearms for destruction. The firearms were taken and secured into evidence for destruction at a later date.

A day later, an officer was dispatched to the 2600 block of Werlein for a report for found property, in this case a bicycle and trailer. Both items were placed in police storage for safekeeping.

On May 20 an officer observed a suspicious vehicle while out of the patrol in the 5500 block of Fairmont. The officer found the vehicle to be suspicious since the vehicle had not moved for several days. The vehicle’s registration was run and discovered that the vehicle was stolen through the Houston Police Department. The vehicle was subsequently towed to storage for safekeeping. A reportee was generated and information forwarded to HPD.

A day later a solar charger portable power bank was dropped off at the West U police department lobby. The item was found on the sidewalk in the 2900 block of Lafayette.

On May 23, a resident found an unfired .45 caliber pistol bullet inside of his vehicle and went to the police station to report it. A report for found property was generated.

Four drug violations were reported in the two week span. All four were for possession of narcotics. Two of them were reported on May 20. The first involved an officer responding to a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was observed by an officer in an unmarked police vehicle soliciting for business within the city. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle. The driver was checked for warrants through HPD. Upon searching the suspect it was discovered he head a small back with a substance. A field test on the substance yielded a positive result for narcotics. The driver was arrested and charged with offense of possession of a control substance.

The second drug violation on May 20 resulted when an officer noticed a vehicle travelling northbound in the 5400 block of Buffalo Speedway with a defective brake light. A traffic stop was initiated and the driver was found to be in possession of marijuana. He was subsequently arrested.

The next day an officer observed a vehicle travelling westbound in the 3700 block of University with a defective headlamp. A traffic stop was conducted in the 6300 block of Auden. Upon further investigating it was discovered the driver was in possession of narcotics.

On May 23, an officer observed a vehicle bearing an expired temporary license plate with expiring tage of 12/26/15 travelling westbound in the 4100 block of Bissonnet. A traffic stop was initiated in the 4300 block of Bissonnet and upon further investigation both the driver and front passenger were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Additionally, the driver had warrants with Precinct 5 and the passenger had a warrant with West U and Harris County Sheriff’s office.