West U Crime Roundup: Burglaries, forgeries and warrants

April 1, 2016

Bicycles in West U were a popular item for thieves to take this past week.

On March 27 two bicycles were stolen from a West U citizen’s garage in the 2900 block of Georgetown which prompted the West U police department. Upon arriving at the scene, the victim shared with the police officers that the bicycles were taken without his consent. Upon further discussion, the victim revealed that the garage was unsecured during the time of the incident.

On March 29 a third bicycle was stolen from the 2700 block of Pemberton. The victim suspects the bicycle was stolen overnight. The bicycle was taken from the enclosed porch area of the yard. The victim shared with officers that the theft was captured from his video surveillance camera system.

Later in the day, the West U Police Department was called to the 4100 block of Bellaire in response to an individual attempting to cash a fraudulent check. When the officers arrived they noticed a subject matching the description walking away from the bank and entering a vehicle.

The officers stopped the vehicle and questioned the men inside. After a brief investigation evidence was discovered that led to the arrest of two individuals involved in the forgery. Both subjects were taken into custody.

March 29 proved to be a busy day for the West U Police Department.

At about 3:15 p.m. an officer in an unmarked vehicle noticed a car exiting a private driveway in the 3900 block of Marlowe traveling at a high speed. He radioed for a marked police unit to follow the car.

When the car pulled over to a Chevron, the West U officer made contact and identified that the driver was operating the vehicle while having an invalid license. The driver also had three open warrants for his arrest. Two traffic warrants issued in Bellaire, TX and one Probation Revocation for Non-Payment of Child Support in Chamber County. The subject was taken into custody.

In the morning of March 31 a West U Police officer was dispatched to the 6300 block of Mercer in regards to a suspicious vehicle. An officer noticed a stopped vehicle matching the description in the 6300 block of Buffalo Speedway.

After investigating the vehicle, the driver was taken into custody for possession of marijuana and unlawful carrying of a weapon. The two passengers in the car were taken into custody for possession of marijuana.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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