West U Crime Roundup: Burglaries and other reported crimes

May 16, 2016

Between May 7 and 12, the West University Police Department responded to a number of crimes. Below are the reported crimes from that timeline based on the police department’s latest Weekly Crime Report.

On May 8, officers were dispatched to the 6100 block of Lake Street regarding a burglary alarm. While searching for the suspects, the officers located narcotics. The narcotics, and other contraband, were seized and a report was generated.

Two days later, officers were dispatched to the Harris County Jail to pick up a subject who had West U warrants. The officers transported the subject to the West U city jail.

On May 11, an officer was dispatched to the 2800 block of Bissonnet in reference to a vehicle burglary. The victim stated that the brake lights assemblies of the vehicle were taken without permission. A report was generated.

A second burglary was reported on May 11. An officer responded to a burglary of a vehicle in the 3700 block of Tangley. The officer spoke to the victim who state that somebody took the third row seat belonging to her vehicle. The vehicle was not secured at the time of the incident.

May 11 proved to be the day for burglaries involving vehicles. The third one, however, involved theft of, this one occurring in the 3700 block of Robinhood. The officer on scene spoke to the victim who stated that someone took her vehicle without consent.

On May 12, officers were dispatched to the 3800 block of Tennyson in regards to a suspicious person. The subject was found to have a history of burglary convictions. The subject was subsequently arrested for a traffic violation and placed in the city jail.

On the same day, an officer was dispatched to the 5800 block of Kirby in reference to an accident. Dispatched advised the officer that the parties involved got in a physical confrontation. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the accident occurred in Houston and the physical altercation in West U. The aggressor was issued a citation for Simple Assault.