West U Council to Discuss Real Estate

October 24, 2014

Issues relating to the city of West University Place’s real estate ownership and long-range master planning will be on the agendas of a special City Council workshop and the Council’s regular agenda on Monday.
Two weeks ago, the West U Council approved a master plan that would create a “Super Block” to house municipal facilities that envisions a campus of city buildings on the block bordered by University, Auden, College and Amherst.
The council workshop, scheduled to start at 5:45 p.m., has one agenda item: “Matters relating to the value or transfer of real property and other real estate matters.” The agenda notes that the discussion of real estate can be held in an executive session of the council.
The council’s regular meeting, scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m., will include a discussion of “city public facilities master planning and related future property ownership.” City Manager Michael Ross is slated to lead that discussion.
A number of West U residents are very concerned about the city’s long-range plan for municipal facilities, which includes a plan to transfer the West U Public Works’ operations to the city’s former Recycling Center, located at Dincans and Westpark.
Some residents have complained that the city of West U is “too close” to the West University Baptist Church, which has been planning to build a Youth Center.
The long-range master plan was developed by Jeff Gerber of PGAL Architects. During the council’s meetings with Gerber, he reviewed the City’s current property ownership, the West U Baptist Church’s property ownership, the Church’s options and the City and Church’s potential property ownership. According to the minutes of that meeting, Gerber noted that the church has been given funds for a Youth Center. He also said that during discussions with the Church about their siting choices, it was mentioned that a good location for the Center would be the City’s current Public Works Operations. He said the benefit of that location is that it would maintain better options for the City in its future developments, because it can eventually lead to a City “Super Block” and have all the City’s services in one location.
The council also is scheduled to discuss planning for the Houston Chevron Marathon, in January, 2015.
The council’s consent agenda, includes:
*The second and final reading of an ordinance adopting the water and drought contingency plan for the city of West U.
*Payment for the final bill for the completed Wastewater Treatment Plant Lift Pump Project.
*A resolution appointing Darlena McCorvey and Daisy Molina as Deputy Court Clerks for the city of West University Place; and,
*An ordinance for a “franchise agreement” with 3642 Partners, LP, for the “right privilege and franchise” to maintain, occupy and repair portions of certain portions of the building located at the northeast corner of University Boulevard and Edloe Street.