West U Council Sets 2013-2015 Goals

July 18, 2013

The West U City Council has set its goals for 2013-2015 with detention once again topping their list of priorities.

In addition to completing the College Avenue/Bellaire Blvd. Drainage Project, the council will finalize city charter amendments for a November 2013 election and make updates to its parks master plan.

Council’s complete list of goals for their two-year term includes:

  1. Complete College Avenue/Bellaire Blvd. Drainage Project – obtain remaining 9.1 acre-feet of detention in order to remove outfall restrictor.
  2. City Charter Amendments – Finalize amendments and prepare for November 2013 Charter Election, including a public information initiative.
  3. Parks Master Plan – Update plan, including recommendations for acquisition and development of any new parkland.  Also include a Parks and Recreation naming rights policy as part of this update.
  4. Update commercial component of zoning ordinance including all current and potential commercial areas.
  5. Evaluate The Friends of West University Parks Fund policies and bylaws to reassess their mission and consider modifying to include the ability to launch a capital campaign that could be utilized for the purchase of parkland.
  6. Evaluate the need for a City Comprehensive Plan update.
  7. Evaluate and recommend ways to recognize and promote West U businesses.
  8. Review ordinances regarding placement and specifications of electronic signage, possibly differentiating between signage in commercial and residential areas.
  9. Evaluate the Community Rating System for flood insurance to determine the cost and potential benefit of City participation.
  10. Continue to evaluate ways to improve communication with residents and recommend any beneficial changes including social media and click WestU.
  11. Promote the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program.
  12. Research recreation programs and activities for “tweens” (10-15 year olds).
  13. Explore opportunities for West U high school youths to participate in a Mayors Youth Council.
  14. Evaluate the City’s gateway signage and recommend any needed changes.  Goal includes developing a statement of principles for signage to delineate West U from the surrounding areas.
  15. Continue public campaign to discourage parking over sidewalks.
  16. Evaluate and recommend ways to increase recycling participation.
  17. Evaluate and make recommendations for intern program including the evaluation of adding an accountant intern.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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