West U Cops Solve Burglary, Keep the Peace

September 27, 2014

The bad guys took most of the week off, while the good guys captured some burglars.
West U police had no crimes reported for five days last week.
But, on Thursday, a West U police officer who initiated a traffic stop in the 6000 block of Belmont, solved a residential burglary in the 3000 block of Quenby.
The officer who stopped the driver on Belmont determined that the man had no valid license, no proof of insurance and 8 outstanding warrants from the Houston Police Department.
The vehicle also matched the description of the car used in the burglary the day before.
The driver and his three passengers were transported to the West U Police Department. After further investigation, it was determined that the driver and the passengers were the suspects in the burglary.
All four suspects have a combined total of 30 arrests related to burglary of habitations and vehicles, possession and delivery of controlled substances, theft, assault and traffic violations. One suspect was convicted of an attempted burglary and given a 4-year prison sentence in 2012. Two of the suspects received deferred adjudication for prior cases of
attempted burglary and theft, and were on probation.
On September xx, at 9:15, a West U officer was dispatched to the 4100 block of Marquette for a report of an automobile accident that involved a pedestrian. The officer arrived on the scene and met with both parties , as well as including a witness that provided different accounts
of the incident. The officer was unable to determine whether if an accident had even occurred.
There were no crimes in West U on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday..
On Thursday, however, a West U officer conducted a traffic stop in the 3100 block of Amherst, for a violation of the city ordinance that bans texting while driving. The officer discovered that the driver did not have a valid license or insurance. The driver was arrested.
Also on Thursday, a West U officer met with a resident at the police department with a victim of identity theft. The resident reported that an unknown person had opened a Verizon cell phone account in January.