West U Cleans Poor Farm Ditch

October 6, 2014

The West U Public Works Department recently completed a cleanup project of Poor Farm Ditch to make way for the rebuild of two 66-inch pipes. The cleanup project included removal of mud, rocks and undergrowth where it intersects with University Blvd.
“The cleanup of Poor Farm Ditch will improve the flow of rainwater in West U,” said City Manager Michael Ross. “This project has been a high priority and we are glad it is now complete.”
The project was done just in time for a series of strong thunderstorms that cropped up in the Houston area, Monday, including West University Place.
The project will positively impact the flow of rainwater in Southside Place, and as far north as the Greenway Plaza in the city of Houston, which also drains to Poor Farm Ditch. The Harris County Flood Control District owns and maintains the ditch, but they were unable to schedule the cleaning to occur in the foreseeable future.
Staff performed additional cleaning with a large excavator and placement of a small front end loader into the ditch. After the cleanup project, the city began a storm sewer pipe repair that includes rebuilding two 20-foot sections of 66-inch pipe that was originally constructed in 1942.
Photos of the project can be seen at www.westutx.gov.