West U City Council Members to Get iPads

April 10, 2012

All five West U City Council members will be outfitted with new iPads as part of a new electronic agenda pilot program.

The council unanimously approved authorizing City Manager Michael Ross to move forward with the electronic agenda process on Monday night, without discussion.

The city will eliminate paper agenda packets for city council and supply them electronically through drop box, a free service that saves files and allows them to be accessed from any computer, phone or iPad.

One of the city goals for 2012 was to evaluate the benefit of electronic paperless agendas. Many cities have begun using tablets for paperless council agendas.

Some of the council members did a test run in March of using electronic agendas on iPads.

Ross told InstantNewsWestU that the council members will be able to keep the iPads once their term on council expires.

At the end of each two year term, the council members may elect to keep the device and pay the city the market value at the time it is returned or give it back to the city.

“It allows me to stay in touch with city council,” he said. “It’s a communication tool.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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