West U City Council Decide To ‘Modernize’ Parking Requirements And PNC Status

April 27, 2010

The West U City Council updated their 2009-11 goals during a special session Monday night.

The council will modernize parking requirements for automotive uses and modernize the PNC (prior nonconforming) status.

Councilmember George Boehme said nobody complies with the city’s zoning codes and they need to be rewritten.

Councilmember Steven Segal said he’d like to see West U become a smoke free city, but the council did not vote to add it to their agenda or goals.

“We are essentially a smoke free community,” Boehme said. He doesn’t allow smoking in his restaurant and said most residents will ask people who are smoking to please not smoke in West U.

Monday’s special session was the last session to be held in the conference room until after the construction on city hall is complete. Construction is scheduled to start the first week of May.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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