West U City Council Approves Pay Increase for City Manager, City Secretary

December 6, 2011

The West U City Council approved a pay increase for City Manager Michael Ross and City Secretary Thelma Lenz on Monday night.

Council met in a closed executive session last night to evaluate the city manager and city secretary. They then convened into an open session and unanimously approved a three percent pay increase for Ross and a pay increase for Lenz.

The city council approves salaries for the city manager, city secretary and city attorney. The city manager approves all other city employee salaries.

Ross’s current salary of $184,396 will increase to $189,928, with backpay accruing from August in accordance to his contract, which runs from August 2011 though August 2012.

Lenz earns $79,104 per year. Council increased her salary to $85,804. Her raise goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Council also budgeted for a one percent structure adjustment and salary increase for employees effective Jan. 1. The budget, which was approved in October, also includes a merit increase of one-and-a-half percent based on performance on the employee’s anniversary date as recommended by the supervisor.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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