West U Changing Recycling Pickup Days

July 9, 2013

The West U City Council has given the public works department their blessing to implement new curbside recycling pickup days throughout the city.

In a presentation to city council, Assistant Public Works Director Dave Beach recommended that the city change their recycling pickup days from five days a week to four days a week.

The change will allow residents to put their recycling out on the same days as trash pickup.

Starting on Nov. 4, the city will pick up recycling on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Currently, the majority of residents have to put their recycling out three times a week depending on which part of the city they live in.

The change in pickup days will actually increase collection days because there will be no missed days due to holidays, Beach said. The new schedule will allow the city to collect recycling during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The city receives complaints for the missed recycling days for two weeks in a row during the holiday.

The changes will also reduce time, fuel and mileage by $3,500 a year, Beach said.

Beach said there is potential confusion with residents regarding the route changes but the city is going to launch a public education campaign during the months leading up the start date.

The city will send out press releases, e-mail notifications, and website updates. They will also hand-deliver packets to residents and install road signs throughout the city.

Once the route changes are implemented, staff will conduct daily sweeps of recycle routes and provide necessary information to residents about the changes.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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