West U Ahead of New Public Swimming Pool Requirements

March 21, 2012

Local cities have been given a 60-day extension to bring their municipal swimming pools into compliance with new Americans with Disability Act accessibility requirements.

Fortunately, the City of West U’s Recreation Center and Colonial Park pools are both in full compliance, City Manager Michael Ross said.

The U.S. Department of Justice adopted the 2010 Americans with Disability Act Standards for Accessible Design, which made it mandatory for cities to comply with accessibility requirements for new or existing public swimming pools.

Under the new ADA standards, all public swimming pools with 300 or more linear feet of pool wall must have at least two accessible means of entry, with at least one of the means of entry being either a pool lift or a sloped entry to the pool, according to the Texas Municipal League.

Exceptions from complying with the new standards include structural impracticability and destroying historical significance of the facility.

All cities were to be in compliance by March 15, but the U.S. attorney general signed a 60-day deadline extension. A 180-day extension has also been proposed.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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