West U advises residents on street parking

June 13, 2016

West University has a problem with neighborhood parking, according to the latest community news post on the city’s website.

The city states that the streets in West U, “prove a challenge to many of its residences from the width of the street, to short driveways in the older homes, to multiple cars at each residence.”

Parking is “at a premium” the posting states and offers the suggestion of the ‘Golden Rule of Parking,’ which is to do unto your neighbor as you would want done to you.

The city suggests using the home’s garage or driveway to park one’s vehicles and keep the streets clear.

While this option works for some, some may only have one parking spot available but own multiple vehicles. The quick solution for those residents is to park on the street.

“Many people then move to the street; many others think they ‘own’ the street in front of their homes and that they have right to park,” reads the posting. “The city owns the streets, not the individual homeowner. So your right is that you can legally park on the street anywhere that is no limited by law, even if in front of someone else’s house.”

If one can’t park on the street, where can one park when one’s garage or driveway is not an option. Furthermore, what about homeowners who have company over. The city suggests having a conversation with one’s neighbors.

“If you’re having company, let your neighbors know that they might see more cars in the vicinity,” the posting reads. “Consider using a parking lot and shuttle your guests to your home. Invite your neighbors and utilize space in front of all homes.”

Ultimately, the city can only offer this advise and hope that its residents follow through on them.