Weekley Y Encouraging Families To Take Small Steps Towards Healthier Homes

September 16, 2009

During American On the Move Week with the YMCA, Sept. 20th -27, the Weekley Family YMCA is inviting families to join more than 1,400 YMCAs nationwide in creating a “healthy family home.”  

 The Weekley Family YMCA  is encouraging families to take small steps in creating a “Healthy Family Hom,” and offers simple and practical tools for families to begin eating healthier, become more physically active and make more time for family.

 “Steps” are awarded for actual steps taken during the week as well as equivalents for all other forms of physical activity, such as swimming, biking and dancing, and other group or family activities that promote well-being, such as eating together as a family. 

 Individuals, as well as families, are encouraged to participate in America On the Move Week with the YMCA.  Some of the activities at the Weekley Family YMCA include an

Active Older Adult Open House from 9 a.m.-noon Sept. 23 which will include blood pressure screenings by Methodist DeBakey Cardiology Associates and a Family Fitness Group Exercise class from 6:30-7:25 p.m. Sept. 25.

 Participants can begin to track their “steps” by contacting the Weekley Family YMCA at 713-664-9622 to request an America on the Move Quick Start Guide with a tracking form and step conversions for common exercises and activities, or by signing up at http://www.ymca.net/.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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