Wakeforest Water Production Facilty Gets A Makeover

April 29, 2010

The Wakeforest Water Production Facility rehabilitation should be done by July 1.

West University Place residents may have noticed that the Wakeforest Water Production Facility has been undergoing a makeover.

The city of West U has been working on rehabilitating the water tower for the last year and it should be completed by July 1. The project had some water and wind delays but the hope is to have it done before hurricane season, Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director Chris Peifer said.

The cost of the project is $425,000.

The interior and exterior of the water production facility have been sandblasted to remove rust and then recoated, Peifer said. Both the interior and exterior were taken down to the bare metal.

Workers have been covering the facility in shroud to keep sand and paint from blowing on cars and homes. Peifer said the city didn’t want to take any chances of having overspray from the coatings. Just moving the shrouding can take almost a whole day, he said.

“West U is really concerned about its neighbors,” he said.

After the recoating, the facility will be painted a desert sand color with the West U blue lettering. The city wanted something that would wear well and be passive to the eye, Peifer said.

“It will look beautiful,” he said.

Williams Painting and Sandblasting and Dunham Engineering have been doing the construction on the water production facility.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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