Vomit-Covered Car Leads To Public Intoxication Arrests

January 7, 2010

The car sitting in the roadway with its lights on and vomit on the door caught the officer’s attention.

When a West U. police officer noticed the car around 1 a.m. on Dec. 28, he approached it and found that the driver and a passenger were both unconscious in the car, which was in the 3700 block of Bissonnet. After waking the pair, the officer found they were both very drunk and he arrested them for public intoxication.

Another person was arrested Jan. 1 for public intoxication. An officer saw a vehicle parked at the Subway at 5404 Kirby Dr. The driver was passed out drunk, and the officer arrested the person.

Police arrested several drivers after traffic stops last week.

  • On Dec. 27, an officer saw a car speeding in the 6500 block of Buffalo Speedway. The officer pulled the car over and found that the driver had a suspended license and four outstanding warrants from Pasadena. The officer also found a small amount of pot in the car, and arrested the driver for all of the offenses.
  • On Dec. 29, an officer saw a car in the 5600 block of Buffalo Speedway that had a license plate hanging down over another license plate. The officer stopped the car and arrested the driver after finding the person had a suspended driver’s license, no insurance and three arrest warrants.
  • On Jan. 1, an officer stopped a vehicle in the 2900 block of Pittsburg Street and found that the driver had four outstanding West U. warrants. The driver was arrested.

Three West U. residents reported last week they were the victims of fraud or identity theft.

  • On Dec. 28, police visited a residence because a woman reported that someone got a copy of her credit card and made charges on her account.
  • Also on Dec. 28, a resident reported that someone stole her social security number and used her identity to open an account with Direct Energy.
  • On Dec. 30, a resident visited the police station to report that someone used his personal information to get electric service in Austin.

Other incidents that happened last week include:

  • On Dec. 27, a car was burglarized in the 3100 block of Bellaire Boulevard. The suspect had tried to steal the car radio and CD player, but was unsuccessful.
  • On Dec. 28, police visited a home under construction in the 2800 block of Wroxton Road. Someone had stolen appliances, door fixtures and power tools that were being stored at the construction site.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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