Variety Fair 5 & 10 Prepares For Closing By Marking Down Prices

June 22, 2010

Variety Fair 5 & 10 will be closing on June 30.

Variety Fair 5 & 10, 2415 Rice Blvd., will be closing its doors on June 30, after 61 years of business.

The decision to close Variety Fair 5 & 10 was a decision owner Cathy Irby hoped she would never have to make.

“It’s very emotional,” she said. “It wasn’t a decision that was made overnight.”

Irby and her manager, Janet Huser DeLeon, made the decision to close in December because the store had become financially unmanageable.

“It’s the end of an era for me,” said DeLeon, who has worked at Variety Fair for 30 years. “I wish we could stay here forever.”

Variety Fair 5 & 10 is scheduled to close on June 30. Their entire inventory is now 50 percent off.

Irby’s parents, Ben and Alice Klinger opened the dime store in December 1948. The store has been family run and operated ever since. Every member of their family has been in the store to work, she said.

“The store is older than I am so it has always been my life,” Irby said.

Variety Fair 5 & 10 has had customers streaming in since they announced their closing. Irby’s customers have told her how saddened they are with the closing and say she can’t close.

“I don’t want to close this store,” she said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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