Uncooperative Woman Lands In Jail For Traffic Ticket

December 9, 2009

A woman who showed up in traffic court last week made things harder on herself when she refused to cooperate with proceedings. On Dec. 1 the woman refused to enter a plea or sign official documents in her case for traffic violations. The West University Place municipal judge ordered the woman taken into custody, and she ended up having to post a cash bond for the traffic charges.

A West U. resident emerged from home on the morning of Nov. 29 to find he couldn’t drive his car. A thief had stolen the driver’s side wheels from the vehicle overnight.

If anyone is missing a bicycle, it may be in the custody of the West U. Police Department. On Nov. 30, someone called police to report that a Specialized Hotrock Bicycle had been sitting in front of a store in the 6100 block of Edloe Street for about a week. The officer took the bike to the police station.

Two homes were burglarized during the week of Nov. 29 to Dec. 5.

  • On Nov. 30, a resident in the 4200 block of Emory Street told police that someone removed the cable box from his television. Police found no signs of forced entry.
  • On Dec. 4, police responded to a burglar alarm in the 3500 block of Carnegie Street. The officer found the back door was forced open, and when the resident arrived home the person informed police that items had been stolen.

Several vehicles were broken into last week.

  • On Dec. 2, a vehicle in the 2700 block of Pemberton Drive had its window smashed and the burglar stole a briefcase from the floorboard behind the driver’s seat.
  • On Dec. 3 an officer responded to the 2700 block of Fenwood Road because a resident reported that two days before, someone took her purse from her unlocked vehicle.
  • On Dec. 4 in the 3500 block of Sunset Boulevard, an officer responded to a call and found that someone had stolen items from another unlocked vehicle.

A couple West U. residents became the victims of possibly identity fraud last week.

  • On Nov. 30 a resident visited the West U. Police Station and said that someone changed his personal information on his bank account.
  • On Dec. 1 a resident visited the station to report that there was fraudulent activity on her credit card. Someone had tried to make purchases although the card was still in the resident’s possession.

Other incidents during the week include:

  • On Nov. 29 a man told police that he parked his vehicle in the 3800 block of Arnold Street and then went out of town for Thanksgiving. When he returned he noticed minor damages to the vehicle, but no one had left a note.
  • On Nov. 30 a West U. officer noticed a suspicious vehicle, made contact with the driver and passenger, and found that the passenger had two outstanding West U. warrants. The person was arrested.
  • On Dec. 4 an officer picked up another person who was in Houston police custody because the suspect had outstanding West U. warrants.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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