Four Down, Four to Go: West U Tree Removal Project Underway

December 21, 2011

Four Live Oak trees have now been cut down along Auden and University that have declined over the last five years and needed to be removed.

Two Live Oak trees were removed along University Boulevard today. The tree removal project, which involves cutting cuting eight trees, started on Tuesday.

The West U Urban Forestry Department identified eight dying trees along University and Auden that posed a potential safety issue, according to the city.

The trees, which are more than 60 years old, are located on the southwest corner of the West University Elementary School.  Six are located along University and two are located on Auden.

The tree removal project started Tuesday, Dec. 20 and new trees are expected to be planted by Jan. 2. The project coincides with the HISD Christmas holiday, which allows the contractors and their equipment limited conflicts with the project.

The trees have declined over the years due to construction compaction over time and the current drought, Parks and Recreation Director Tim O’Connor said.

West U’s Urban Forester and Tri-Sports have tried to save the trees over the last five years with soil aeration, root stimulation and special watering.

The trees will be replaced with six Mexican Monterrey White Oaks to hopefully prevent potential Oak Wilt or Oak Decline, which is prevalent in the area.

There are more trees located on the school’s campus that will decline and face probable removal and replacement in the near future, according to the city.

The city, Tri-Sports and the West University Elementary School PTO is funding the project.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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