Two Caught For Drug-Related Offenses Last Week

November 11, 2009

Two people were caught in West University Place for drug-related offenses last week.

In the first case on Nov. 3, West U. police arrested a driver after pulling the person over for a broken headlight. The officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, searched it and found the pot. Police arrested the driver for possession of marijuana.

In the second drug-related incident, police pulled over a vehicle with defective equipment and issued a citation after finding that the driver, a minor, was in possession of alcohol and drug paraphernalia.

On Nov. 4, police pulled over a green Honda on Kirby Drive because the car was speeding and driving in the wrong lane. Police arrested the driver for driving with a suspended license and an outstanding felony warrant from the San Antonio area.

Also on Nov. 4, a woman reported that someone broke into her vehicle and stole her purse in the 3700 block of Rice Boulevard. She said she arrived home from the bank, parked in her driveway and left her purse in the car while she ran inside for a minute. The window was broken and the purse was gone when she returned.

Other incidents last week include:

  • On Nov. 1, officers booked a suspect into the West U. Jail because the person had outstanding traffic warrants. On Nov. 7, police booked another suspect into the West U. Jail for outstanding traffic warrants.
  • On Nov. 2, a resident reported a hit and run accident in the 2600 block of Amherst Street. The woman said she parked her car in front of her house, and when she returned later there was damage to the driver’s side of the car.
  • In two incidents on Nov. 3, residents called police to report they had found someone’s property in the roadway. One person found a case with items inside, and another person found a control panel for a radio, telephone and navigation system.
  • Police responded to the 3500 block of Plumb Street on Nov. 3 because a West U. resident passed away of natural causes.
  • On Nov. 6, a woman reported to police that someone had stolen valuable art from her home in the 2800 block of West Holcombe Boulevard.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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