Two Car Burglaries, No Home Burglaries Reported Last Week

July 14, 2008

West U. police responded to a car burglary around 3:30 p.m. July 7. The victim told police that the window of her car had been shattered while her car was parked at 4210 Bellaire Blvd. The victim reported her purse stolen.

Also on July 7, a West U. resident told police that accounts at two different banks has been opened in his name without his knowledge. The issue is under investigation.

Officers responded to a hit-and-run around 2:20 p.m. July 8 in the 6500 block of Buffalo Speedway. The accident was minor, and a search of the area by police did not lead to the suspect. The accident initially occurred in the 3000 block of Cason.

Also on July 8, a bicycle was stolen from a carport in the 2700 block of Pemberton. The incident has a case number, but according to police reports there are no “solvability factors.”

In an effort to avoid being struck by a vehicle, a bicyclist in the 2600 block of University at Annapolis fell, injuring herself around 8 a.m. Police responded to the scene, where medical personal had already arrived. The bicyclist was taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

A man filed a complaint at the police station on July 9, telling officers that at some point between June 19 and June 29 a laptop computer was stolen from his car.

A man walking in the 3300 block of Carnegie around 3:14 a.m. July 10 was familiar to West U. police because of his previous criminal history. Police stopped Jackie Lee Washington, identified him and arrested him on outstanding West U. warrants.

A man traveling the wrong way in the 3800 block of Milton around 1:16 a.m. July 12 was stopped by police, and his car eventually searched. The search, which took place in the 6100 block of College, resulted in the discovery of drug paraphernalia. The driver, William Eric Stewart, was arrested for possession o f drug paraphernalia.

Around 10:52 p.m. July 12, officers noticed two suspicious vehicles behind West U. Elementary School. Neither vehicle used their signals when turning from the 3700 block of Goode on to the 6200 block of Edloe and both cars were pulled over. Both drivers were found to be minors driving under the influence. One of the minors was cited for minor DUI, possession of alcohol by a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia. The second driver was charged with minor DUI, and possession of tobacco by a minor.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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