Town Center Update: Mayor to Push for Elimination of Parking Garage, Height Increase

January 6, 2012

Sources close to city hall have confirmed that West U Mayor Bob Fry intends to propose to city council on Monday that any height increase or allowances for a parking garage be removed from the town center zoning proposal.

Fry issued a statement this morning that he was going to add more restrictions to the proposed amendments.

Fry said he will suggest the additional restrictions during the council meeting on Monday, Jan. 9.

“On behalf of city council, I want to personally thank those that have taken the time to comment on the city’s Town Center zoning proposal,” Fry said. “This is exactly how the process is designed to work.  I am pleased to see the interest and passion from residents on this important subject.”

“Having heard from many residents I will propose for council’s consideration adding more restrictions to the proposed height of the buildings and the parking structure as many residents have suggested,” he said.

The city has received numerous petition letters through a new Website called “”

West U property owner Vernon Tyger created the Website, which outlines the proposed changes in the zoning ordinance and gives his reasons why he thinks it needs to be stopped. He also has encouraged people to sign the petition letter on his site.

At the time this article was published, 174 people had signed the petition.

On Thursday, City Manager Michael Ross sent a letter to all the individuals who sent the petition letter to the city and responded to each point that was made in the petition letter.

“Please rest assured that the City of West University is NOT planning to spend any tax dollars to rebuild this area,” Ross said in his letter. “While there is a proposal to amend the zoning ordinance, the information you were provided by that Website is misleading and in some cases incorrect.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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