The Transition To College: St. Luke’s Offers Seminar For Students And Parents

May 30, 2008

To offer some support and insight into the transition from high school to college, the St. Luke’s Center for Counseling and Life Enrichment is presenting parallel seminars – one for parents and one for students – called, “Learning to Fly: When Students Leave for College.” The student-focused seminar is at 9:45 a.m. June 8, and the parent-focused version is at 9:45 a.m. June 15. Both events will be held in the St. Luke’s Center for Counseling and Life Enrichment, 2719 Joanel, across Edloe from the St. Luke’s United Methodist Church campus.

Seminar speaker will be Michael DeVoll, a licensed professional counselor with more than 12 years experience at a private high school.

“For so many young adults, it seems like going away to college is the final exam for developing their self-identity as they ask: Am I really the person who I’ve thought of myself as up to this point?,” said DeVoll.

To help the situation feel less intimidating, DeVoll encourages families to look at this as just another step in that process, rather than the last high-stakes test. “When parents recognize that this is not the make-or-break point for their child’s life – but just the next step – it can be easier to let students take that step,” he said.

Young adults attending on June 8 will explore some developmental theory and discuss specific concerns such as academics, roommates, friends, dating and new freedom as it relates to study habits, peer pressure and drugs/alcohol.

The parent-oriented seminar on June 15 will cover developmental theory and the emotional side of this life change such as separation anxiety, letting students be their own person, “and issues such when values differ, when they think they are all grown up and you’re not sure, etc.,” he adds.

Parents have already posed questions about the adjustment to parenting over the holidays and summer vacation: “How do you impose a curfew on your adult child who has been staying out late living on their own?” “How do you support your young adult’s independence while maintaining your house rules and values?”

Both sessions will include a combination of presentation, discussion and interaction. Participants are asked to RSVP at 713-402-5046 as seating is limited.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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