The Resurrection of JMH? Jim Reid Hopes So, With Matthews Market

January 23, 2009

West U. residents who frequented the now-closed JMH Market probably remember several things that made the store unique – the dog bar, a bucket of dog biscuits outside for four-legged customers, the kid phone – where local children could call their parents and let them know where to pick them up and the popular Icee machine.

Soon, those neighborhood-friendly quirks could be back, with JMH reincarnated as Mathews Market. The market will inhabit the former Matthews Motors building on Edloe near University.

Jim Reid, former part-owner of JMH and developer of Matthews Market, says he was disappointed when the store closed about a year and a half after his partner bought him out. If all goes well with the Zoning and Planning Commission next month, and council after that, Reid says the new grocery store and “neighborhood gathering place” could be open as early as April.

“That is an optimistic estimate, but it is the date I have set for myself,” he said. Reid is in the process now of bringing the old building up to code and making sure everything is in order for the ZPC and council presentations.

Reid says square footage from the building will be used as an outdoor gathering place for residents, and hopes to obtain an ordinance variance to allow the sale of beer and wine.

“I understand the sensitivities of being across the street from a school, but it should be easier to qualify since less than 10 percent of our sales will be based on alcohol,” said Reid.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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