Teenage Scooter Thieves Soon Get Caught

December 1, 2009

A couple of teenagers stole a West U. resident’s scooter last week, but they didn’t get far. The resident flagged down a police car and pointed out the suspects who stole the scooter. Both suspects were juveniles who didn’t live in West U. and they were released to their parents after their court dates were set.

Police received conflicting stories from a roller blader and a driver who were involved in some type of traffic accident on Nov. 25. The man on roller blades called police and said the vehicle hit him, he fell down and the vehicle drove away. But the woman in the car also called police and said the man on roller blades had hit her vehicle with his hand on purpose and caused minor damage. West U. police called the Harris County District Attorney, but that office refused to accept charges on either party.

Other incidents last week include:

  • On Nov. 22 an officer took a driver to Ben Taub General Hospital after pulling over a vehicle in the 6700 block of Newcastle Drive. The officer said the driver was mentally unstable and “was a danger to themselves and possibly others,” according to the police report.
  • On Nov. 25 an officer saw a car speeding in the 5700 block of Buffalo Speedway and had to accelerate to 70 miles per hour to catch the driver.  Around 1:32 a.m. the officer pulled the car over and conducted field sobriety tests before arresting the driver for driving while intoxicated.
  • On Thanksgiving Day a resident called police to report that someone scratched his vehicle all along the driver and passenger side.
  • While patrolling the 5800 block of Kirby Drive on Nov. 27, and officer noticed the front window of a business was shattered but still intact. He didn’t notice any people inside or around the business.
  • On Nov. 28, a resident visited the police station to report that someone stole a cell phone and charger from his unlocked vehicle in the 2700 block of Cason.
  • On Nov. 25 a resident visited the police station to report that someone created checks using the victim’s personal information and used the fake checks to buy items from department stores.
  • On Nov. 28 a resident reported that someone opened credit card accounts with his personal information and made unauthorized charges.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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