West U Survey: Trash Bags or Trash Bins

June 19, 2012

With solid waste and recycling becoming a hot topic, InstantNewsWestU.com is asking residents to respond to an online survey.

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The city already did a telephone survey. We want to give everyone a chance to voice their opinion.

The City of West U recently heard from 400 of its estimated 14,787 residents in a telephone survey about its solid waste and recycling services.

The survey was conducted by the Hobby Center for Public Policy at the University of Houston on behalf of the city.

Those surveyed replied they strongly approved of the quality of West U trash pick-up, with; 94 percent saying they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied.”

For “recycling service,” 90 percent said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied.”

Dr. Richard Murray of the University of Houston recommended that the city use a telephone survey because they usually yield very good results. He also recommended that a random sampling of residents be surveyed, which will yield a very high degree of reliability of what the larger population in the community thinks.

Some researchers have found that telephone surveys can result in a higher call screening.

The city alerted residents in May that the University of Houston would be calling and encouraged them to participate in the program.

In an effort to obtain the broadest spectrum of responses, InstantNewsWestU is asking for resident input through its own online survey about solid waste and recycling services.

Readers will only be able to vote once.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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