Take Advantage Of Fireworks Displays Outside Of West U

July 1, 2010

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, residents should keep in mind that using fireworks within West University Place city limits is illegal.

West U has an ordinance banning both the possession and sale of fireworks within the city.

Those caught using fireworks could be arrested or have their fireworks confiscated.

Fire Chief Steve Ralls said the use of fireworks in West U isn’t usually a problem over the Fourth of July and there are usually no incidents.

“Don’t use them,” Ralls said. “They’re dangerous.”

Lt. Charlie Deily said there have only been one or two reported cases where an individual had their fireworks confiscated in the past couple of years.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 11 deaths from fireworks with 9800 injuries treated in U.S. hospitals, with 6300 of those injuries happening during the June 22 to July 22 timeframe in 2007.  Children under 15 accounted for 42 percent of the injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite these reasons for why these injuries occur:

Availability: In spite of federal regulations and varying state prohibitions, many types of fireworks are still accessible to the public. Distributors often sell fireworks near city limits.

Fireworks type: Among the various types of fireworks, some of which are sold legally in some areas, bottle rockets can fly into peoples’ faces and cause eye injuries; sparklers can ignite clothing (sparklers burn at more than 1,000°F); and firecrackers can injure the hands or face if they explode at close range.

Being too close: Injuries may result from being too close to fireworks when they explode; for example, when someone leans over to look more closely at a firework that has been ignited, or when a misguided bottle rocket hits a nearby person.

Lack of physical coordination: Younger children often lack the physical coordination to handle fireworks safely.

Curiosity: Children are often excited and curious around fireworks, which can increase their chances of being injured (for example, when they re-examine a firecracker dud that initially fails to ignite).

Experimentation: Homemade fireworks (for example, ones made of the powder from several firecrackers) can lead to dangerous and unpredictable explosions.

Take advantage of firework displays outside of West U this weekend.

Freedom over Texas with fireworks will take place on Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Buffalo Bayou and Eleanor Tinsley Park in downtown Houston.

Texas singer-songwriter Pat Green will be performing at the event with fireworks to follow at 9:30 p.m.

Admission to the event is free with a donation of one canned good item per person to the Houston Food Bank.

West U will be having their annual Fourth of July parade on Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m. A festival will follow the parade at Colonial Park Pool.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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