SVDP Cheerleaders Back From Cheer Camp

July 2, 2008

The 2008-2009 St. Vincent de Paul cheerleaders attended the Universal Cheerleaders Association cheer camp at Texas A&M University recently. The girls worked from early morning to late in the evening, ending the week with competitions in cheer and dance.

The tiger mascot, Caroline Mattiolli, received a Superior Award as did the cheerleaders for showing hard work and improvement throughout the week.

This year’s SVDP cheerleaders include: Clarie Besant, Paige Boren, Francesca Bosco, Brooke Burgess, Kaitlin Burt, Allison Carter, Sarah Dismuke, Kylie Fichter, Miranda Granchi, Emily Henrikson, Laura Mason, Molly McAfee, Elizabeth McEnrue, Dana Pfaffinger, Marcella Pinell, Kendall Riley, Catherine Sullivan and Rachel Tentinger. The cheerleaders are coached by Brindley Drake and Jana Bogatto. Following camp, the girls will continue to practice throughout the summer to get ready for football season and the new school year.

To help offset expenses, the SVDP cheerleaders will be selling Sally Foster gift wrap, entertainment books, and other spirit items at school orientation and to friends, family and neighbors.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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