Suspect Pulls Up ‘No Parking’ Sign By Compass Bank

November 23, 2009

Someone called police on Nov. 20 because he said he saw a man pulling a ‘No Parking’ sign out of the ground at the Compass Bank near Rice Boulevard and Edloe Street. The caller said he saw two males and one female near the bank, and then saw one of the guys pull the sign up. Police found the woman walking on Rice Boulevard and questioned her, but they couldn’t find the other two suspects.

A drunk driver was involved in a car accident and then fled the scene on Nov. 17 in the 4100 block of Bissonnet Street. A witness called police and said he saw the accident and watched the driver leave the scene. Officers chased the driver and pulled the car over. They arrested the driver for being drunk, and found records of previous convictions for driving under the influence.

If you’re missing your bicycle, or you know someone else who is, it may be waiting at the West University Place Police Station. An officer found an abandoned bike in the 5700 block of Belmont on Nov. 21, and when he couldn’t find the owner, he took it to the station.

On Nov. 19 police responded to the 4100 block of Marlowe Street because of a juvenile disturbance. A resident called police because he said his son damaged the home and threatened to hurt himself. Police and firefighters took the boy to Ben Taub General Hospital for mental evaluation.

Several car burglaries occurred last week.

  • On Nov. 16 a man reported that someone broke into his vehicle in the 5600 block of Kirby Drive and stole a backpack.
  • On Nov. 18 a resident told police he was going to work when he noticed his car door lock had been tampered with in the 6100 block of Fordham Street. He said items were stolen from his center console.
  • On Nov. 20 a resident reported to police that someone smashed his window in the 5300 block of Rutgers Street and stole his property.
  • Police responded to what looked like a car burglary on Nov. 21 in the 3100 block of Carnegie Street. But it turned out someone had broken a resident’s car window, but didn’t steal any of her property from the vehicle. Police classified the incident as “criminal mischief.”

Several drivers were arrested last week after West U. police pulled them over for traffic offenses.

  • On Nov. 18, an officer pulled over a vehicle with a broken brake light in the 6700 block of Buffalo Speedway. It turned out the driver had nine warrants, and police arrested him and took him to the West U. Jail for further processing.
  • On Nov. 19, and officer pulled over a car in the 6200 block of Buffalo Speedway because it had expired inspection and registration stickers. Police arrested the driver for not having a driver’s license or car insurance.
  • On Nov. 21, police pulled over a car with a broken headlight in the 5800 block of Buffalo Speedway. Police arrested the driver for not having a valid driver’s license.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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