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Strake Jesuit Crusader Cheerleaders Hit High Marks at UCA Camp | InstantNewsWestU.com

Strake Jesuit Crusader Cheerleaders Hit High Marks at UCA Camp

June 15, 2012

Strake Jesuit Crusader Cheerleaders attended the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) camp at Texas A&M this past week.

With 15 Junior Varsity and 16 Varsity cheerleaders, all students at St. Agnes Academy, the air was filled with spirit and pep.  Each day, the girls worked extremely hard to learn cheers, sidelines, dance routines, and more.  They did a special project for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN to help support their efforts and then participated in fun evening events.

Under the direction of Coach Denise Crawford and college student assistants Kate Cooksey and Anna Stuchly, they received spirit sticks and a multitude of ribbons daily as well as Superior trophies for Cheer and third place in the Extreme Dance Routine during the final competition.

Captains Emily Egbert, Kylie Fichter and Bria Mitchell-Gilespie were named to the Varsity All-American squad and Junior Varsity team members Megan Eschenfelder and Devon Ysaguirre were also named as All-Americans.  Egbert and Mitchell-Gilespie were asked to serve as UCA staff next summer as well.

Varsity team members include Nicole Cavender, Emily Egbert, Kylie Fichter, Kimmie George, Branda Greening, Elizabeth Guidry, Erica Hoffman, Cailin Kavanagh, Sarah Klein, Eliza Mason, Colleen McLamb, Bria Mitchell-Gillespie, Jenny Osborn, Aleki Sprague, Laura Stubbs, and Mary Charles Wolfe.  JV team members include Laney Ballinger, Cara Collins, Megan Eschenfelder, Leigh Frederickson, Claire Hoffman, Reilly Knecht, Avery Lalumandier, Patenne Mathews, Tate Mitchell, Sydney O’Neal, Riann Polk, Mackenzie Sears, Reilly Smith, MaryLauren Stangel and Devon Ysaguirre.

During the school year, the Crusader cheerleaders will cheer at pep rallies, football, basketball games, as well as support all 13 sports in a variety of ways.  They are members of the Spirit Club, will help host Challenger Sports, promote cancer awareness in October, Spring Fling and with a variety of local charities as well as holding collections of necessary items to help those in need.  All seniors will volunteer at least 100 hours in the community, on mission trips, or in other special ways.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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