Steven Segal

April 21, 2009

West U. City Council candidate Steven Segal says he is running for what could be his third term on council because he enjoyed his previous experience on council, and heard from many friends that they would like him to run again.


“I feel like I have a full view,” said Segal. “I am a senior, my daughter lives here with her husband and their child,” said Segal.  “I am very interested in having West U. continue to be what it was for us and for the future.”


Segal, a retired partner from Fulbright & Jaworski, served on council from 2003-2007 and has served on the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the West U. Good Neighbor Team, the Community Emergency Response Team and was a West U. Little League coach for four years.


Segal says the main issue facing the city right now is fiscal responsibility.


“Many people are suffering,” he said. “We need to spend wisely. We need to continue our services but we need to be considerate and not wasteful. I have taken part in four of the budget processes and I think I learned with each one.”


Segal says he doesn’t have a lot of criticism for how the parks redevelopment has been handled, but says both the Fitness Center and Colonial Park pool need to be looked at together.


“I think there is an overlap,” said Segal. “The new council may need to look at those. There’s a lot of rules and operations that need to be resolved, some open questions.”


Segal says he did not support the 2005 parks bond, which failed, but did support the recently passed $13.8 million parks redevelopment bond.


“The second bond issue had much more emphasis placed on citizens’ issues,” said Segal. “Although it was close, it did pass.”


Segal says an additional priority is to “continue to give the citizens a voice in the major processes.”


“I think our citizens need to know they have a voice in the major decisions, and we need to give it to them,” said Segal.




InstantNewsWestu Staff

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