St. John’s School Acquires 13-Acre Tract of Land

January 7, 2013

St. John’s School has announced its recent purchase of a 13-acre tract of land, located west of the South Campus on Buffalo Speedway.

The land purchase was unanimously approved by the St. John School Board of Trustees and will expand the current school footprint by 33 percent.

The acquisition also gives the school control over what can be developed on the property.

“In addition to the hours spent examining the impact of the land on our program and students, their passion and commitment to St. John’s was expressed by extraordinary philanthropic support to help defray the cost of the land purchase,” Headmaster Mark Desjardins and Board of Trustees Chairman Ann Stern said in a letter announcing the news. “Their deep relationship and unwavering commitment to St. John’s yielded gifts that will forever transform this School. We are humbled and grateful for their generosity and hope their leadership will inspire others to be a part of this historic moment for St. John’s.”

The school has initiated a formal process to develop a long-range master plan for the property and has hired a master planning firm to begin the process.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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