St. Agnes cross country team second at Bellaire Invitational

October 8, 2013

With four of the top eight runners, including the bronze medalist, the St. Agnes cross country team was second Saturday morning at the Bellaire Invitational at Bear Creek Park.

The Tigers had just 37 points, but were beaten by 5A power Cy-Fair, which won with only 29 points as the Bobcats went 1-2 in the race.

Cy-Fair runner Allison Hill completed the three-mile course first (19:19.38) and was well ahead of teammate Kaila Salamonsen, who was second (19:39.20).

St. Agnes had three of next four girls with Claire Scott coming in third (19:40.33) for the bronze medal, just in front of schoolmate Alex Gonzalez, was took fourth (19:43.44).

Courtney Schell placed sixth (20:05.40) with the first time over the 20-minute mark and fellow St. Agnes runner Maryella Guevara was eighth overall (20:11.60).

The Tigers’ next three girls officially came in side-by-side-by-side with Abby Verona 16th (21:12.05), Lauren Curran 17th (21;17.88) and Chloe Campo 18th (21:23.08). Verona was the final St. Agnes runner to be included in the scoring.

“Cy-Fair and St. Agnes both ran really well,” said Bellaire head coach Brett Hervat. “Those two schools really had all the girls that were the first to cross the finish line. It seemed like Cy-Fair had a couple of girls cross and then St. Agnes and then for a while there, it was pretty much all those teams before others started coming in, but it was a very good girls race.”

Those two teams secured 14 of the official top 18 places with Cy-Fair holding seven of the first 13 finishes and St. Agnes having seven of the first 18.

Kempner, which placed third in the team standings with 88 points, had two of the first 18 places while Bellaire’s Melissa Aleman led the Cardinals by placing 15th (21:09.52) overall.

The Bellaire girls placed fourth in the team listings with 133 points while Fort Bend Austin was fifth with 151.

Overall, the Cardinals had their top five runners place among the first 35 girls in a race with 99 participants.

Ashley Sanchez was second overall for Bellaire and 22nd in the field (22:51.50 and Karen Rayas was officially listed 27th (24:11.09) as the host school’s fourth place long-distance person.

Bellaire’s next two runners were next to each other in the final listings with Maegan Hollins officially 34th (24:55.35) and Lizi Xiong 35th (24:59.89). Caitlyn Hill was sixth for Bellaire, which had just six girls.

Second Baptist did not have five girls to officially field a full team, but the Eagles did have three girls who placed in the first third of the final standings.

Margaret Hofmann set the pace for Second Baptist, by coming in 24th overall (21:44.17) while teammate Gabi Amaya was 27th (22:05.35) and Andi Perkins came in 31st (22:38.35). Megan Sanders was the squad’s fourth runner.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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