Spring Resident Cited For Assault After Throwing Bottle At Bicyclist

August 18, 2010

A 43-year-old Spring resident was given a ticket on Aug. 4 for intentionally throwing a bottle out of his vehicle at a bicyclist.

The bicyclist was riding his bike in the intersection of Sunset and Buffalo when a bottle was thrown at him, hitting him in the neck and chest.

The bicyclist told police that he had seen the truck circle past him more than once before the bottle was thrown at him, police said.

The bicyclist was able to provide a partial plate and a description of the gray Silverado pickup truck to West U Police.

The bicyclist saw the truck in the area following the incident and informed police.

West U Police were able to match the partial plate to the plate on the truck.

The Spring resident, whose name was not released, was cited for simple assault.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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