Special Commissioners: Southside Place To Pay $400,000 For Land At 3631 University

August 21, 2008

Special Commissioners appointed by a Harris County Judge have ruled that the owner of the 2,126 square-feet of land at 3631 University Boulevard must receive $400,000 from the City of Southside Place as the city assumes ownership of the property through eminent domain procedures.

The city has been attempting to acquire the land, which sits in the north-east corner of the property that will soon be the city’s new City Hall complex, for the past few years. An inability to agree on a purchase price with the owner, Louisiana resident Ada Hirdler, prompted the city to file eminent domain procedures in May of this year.

The Harris County Appraisal District lists the property’s value at $138,664. The property has a 1,416 sq. ft. building which is rented as office space to the Mallory Agerton Portraiture Studio and Stacey Speier’s insurance company.

Speier, who has leased the space since 2000, says he is unsure where he will relocate, but would like to stay in the area. The timeline for the occupant’s departure is unclear at this point, as Hirdler has time to appeal the decision. But Southside Place City Manager David Moss says the eminent domain proceedings have not interfered with the timeline of construction of the new City Hall, which is expected to begin in early 2009.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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