So Far, 16 of 51 Board And Commission Applicants Are Women

July 29, 2009

With the deadline for West U. boards and commissions approaching Aug. 3, 51 residents have applied. Fifty-eight positions are open, and 16 of the current applicants are women. Councilman George Boehme suggested recently that there is a shortage of women serving, and said the city should be more proactive in recruiting women.


Of the three state-mandated boards, only one woman currently serves.


“We have three statutory boards that are required by state law,” said Boehme at a recent council special session. “Of those three boards, we have one female, and I think we need to do a netter job. I never thought I was going to get an award from NOW (National Organization for Women), but I have to tell you I think we have to do a better job. We need to recruit people, we need to be more assertive. I don’t want to belittle people who have served over and over, because I think it’s great, but we need some new blood.”


Interviews for the volunteer positions are still being scheduled, but should take place late August. For more information or to obtain an application, contact City Secretary Thelma Lenz at 713-662-5813 or visit the city’s Web site to download an application at

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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