Smoothie King Gets Hit Again With Counterfeit Bill

May 13, 2010

West University Place police arrested two people for using a counterfeit $100 bill at Smoothie King, 5410 Kirby, on May 3.

Marshall Madden, 25 and Wendy Pruneda, 19, were charged with forging of a government instrument after trying to buy one smoothie at Smoothie King.

This is the second time someone has used a counterfeit bill at the Smoothie King on Kirby in the last month.

“It was actually very good,” Lt. Charlie Deily said of the reproduction. “The people at Smoothie King were smart enough not to take it.”

Smoothie King Manager Linda Whittington recognized that the bill was counterfeit and called West U police. She said it looked just like the last one, with a picture of Abraham Lincoln where Benjamin Franklin should be.

Whittington was thinking “why is it happening again?” when she saw the counterfeit bill.

“Thank God I caught it,” she said.

Whittington said this is happening at many Smoothie Kings, not just at the Kirby location.

The Secret Service was contacted to further investigate.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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