Skateboarder Arrested For Refusing To Give Police Information

June 3, 2010

West U police arrested a woman for driving with a suspended license in the 3200 block of Plumb on May 25.

Holly Morris, a 22-year-old Dickinson resident, was arrested for driving with a suspended license after police allowed her to call a friend to come and drive her car home.

The officer had pulled Morris over before for a suspended license and allowed Morris to call a friend so her car wouldn’t be towed.

Her friend arrived at the scene on a skateboard after riding down Buffalo Speedway, which is illegal in West U, and refused to give police his full name and date of birth.

Stephen Matamoro, a 24-year-old Missouri City resident, was arrested for failure to identify/refused to give information.

Matamoro’s driver’s license was also suspended and would not have been able to drive Morris’ car anyway, Lt. Charlie Deily said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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