Sexually Explicit Comments From Adult Stranger Leads To Increased Patrols At Fire Truck Park

June 13, 2008

Southside Place police have upped patrol around Fire Truck Park after a group of children told police a man made obscene comments to them, and asked the children if they saw him expose himself.

On June 2 a group of children called police and reported that a white man around 40 years old with a scruffy face, khaki shirts, a white T-shirt with a green emblem and a gold chain approached them and asked for direction to a park that would be less crowded. He then left, but returned about 15 minutes later and asked the children if they had seen him expose himself to them earlier. They said no, and the man made a sexually explicit comment to them. The children ran away, and called police.

Police Chief Lonnie Bernhardt says a patrol car will remain around the park 24-hours for the time being, and during special events several police cars will patrol the area.

“We have increased patrols all the way around – during special events we are more active,” said Bernhardt.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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