Ron Paul Endorses John Culberson For Re-Election

October 23, 2008

Maverick congressman Ron Paul (R-Lake Jackson) has announced a rare endorsement of one of his congressional colleagues, John Culberson, for re-election.

In a statement released yesterday, Paul called Culberson “a dedicated and reliable voice in the House of Representatives for our shared principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism.”

Culberson, whose district includes much of west and west-central Harris County, is facing a re-election challenge from Democrat Michael Skelly. Culberson’s district includes West University Place, Bellaire and Jersey Village. He has served in Congress since 2000.

In making the endorsement, Paul said he and Culberson have a similar vision for limited federal government.

“Like me, John has strong respect for the vision that our founding fathers laid out in the Constitution, and he approaches every vote from the standpoint of whether we as a nation should add to the debt burden of future generations of Americans – which is why, also like me, John votes ‘no’ so often,” Paul said.

Paul also called Skelly “one of the wealthiest Democrat challengers in the entire country,” who was using his personal fortune to unseat Culberson.

“(Culberson’s) multimillionaire opponent is prepared to use as much of his vast personal fortune as necessary to defeat John. His staggering wealth has attracted the attention of national Democrats, who are pouring even more money into this race because of their disdain for John and his outspoken conservatism,” Paul said. “I am proud to endorse John Culberson in his race, and I hope you will join me in supporting him in any way you see fit.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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