Road Crews Should Return To Work On Buffalo Speedway Next Week

August 26, 2011

Construction crews are expected to return to work on Buffalo Speedway next week.

Over the past several months, utility companies have been working to transfer services to the newly constructed underground ducts and are nearing completion, Upper Kirby Deputy Director Travis Younkin said.

“Many area residents and commuters have voiced their frustration at the appearance of inactivity as the many utility providers shifted service from overhead to underground,” he said. “As this process requires no significant heavy equipment or manpower, it appears as though no work is taking place, when in fact, a lot of technical work and coordination is ongoing. We are happy to report, however, that the utility companies are complete to a degree that will allow roadway crews to remobilize next week.”

The Upper Kirby District started the Buffalo Speedway Improvements Project in mid February. The $5.6 million project includes the addition of two traffic lanes, storm sewer system upgrades, moving overhead utilities underground and creating a new pedestrian friendly streetscape.

The improvements to Buffalo Speedway, when completed, are expected to improve traffic congestion.

The project includes a beautified streetscape that functions well for pedestrians and cars, Younkin said. The project is the same concept as Kirby Drive between Richmond and Westheimer.

Streetscape improvements include pedestrian lighting, enhanced sidewalks and crosswalks, benches and improved landscaping.

Buffalo Speedway will have trees spaced 25 feet up and down the street.

The project was expected to be complete by November, but because of delays, the project is several months behind, Younkin said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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